Thesis topics for mechanical engineering students (2020)

BSc Thesis preparation process for mechanical engineering students 2020/2021
Approved by: Prof. Dr. Jurij SIDOR, Leader of Mechanical Engineering BSc Program (11.11.2020)

(last update: 18. nov. 2020)

1. Announcement and selection of BSc thesis topic:

Students can choose from a list of announced topics. A good choice of topic is half the success! It is obligatory to send the name and surname of the student, title of BSc thesis as well as the name and e-mail address of a supervisor to the administration office of the Savaria Institute of Technology by e-mail  ( The student is advised to consult all details of the BSc work with the supervisor, who will admit the advisor (cunsultant) after the topic is submitted/sent to the administration office. 

Deadline: Monday of the 14th week of the fall semester.

2. Enrollment to “Thesis work I” course and appointment of a supervisor and consultant:
The enrollment to “Thesis work I” course occurs at the same time as the enrollment to other subjects of the spring semester. Both the supervisor and consultant are university lecturers and their selection is finalized after the enrollment to “Thesis work I” course.

Deadline: spring semester, Friday of the registration week (beginning of the semester)

3. Submission of BSc topic:

The selected BSc topic suould be submitted via Neptun platform. Preparation of the topic submission form (G-2 form) is the responsibility of the student. It is important to note that the student must discuss all details of the submission form with the supervisor and consultant. After submission, the application is approved by the supervisor. The submitted form should be downloaded from the Neptun, and filled in by the student during the preparation period of BSc thesis. 

Deadline: spring semester, Wednesday of the 3rd week.

4. BSc thesis consultation form:

The first page of the “BSc thesis consultation form” (G-1 form) must be completed by the student and presented to the supervisor for approval during the first consultation. This document should be presented each time while consulting and the supervisor should certify the consultation by signing the corresponding field.

Deadline: spring semester, Wednesday of the 3rd week. 

5. Thesis Topic Declaration:

The topic of BSc thesis must be declared officially (G-2 form). The Topic Declaration request should be submitted electronically via Neptun. This declaration contains a brief description of BSc thesis, netun code etc. All details of this document should be discussed and agreed in advance with the supervisor and advisor.

Deadline: spring semester, Wednesday of the 3rd week. 

6. Confidentiality documentation (if required):

This document (G-3 form) is necessary, if the external partner prescribes restricted access to data presented in BSc thesis.  

Deadline: spring semester, Friday of the 13th week. 

7. Literature review on the topic related to BSc thesis in the frame of “Thesis work 1”course:

In order to obtain the signature for “Thesis work 1”course, the following conditions should be fulfilled:

  • participation in at least four consultations;
  • approved thesis topic declaration form;
  • approved BSc thesis consultation form;
  • the submitted work complies with the content and form requirements of the BSc thesis (G-4 form)
  • At least 60% of the literature review is completed and passed the plagiarism test.

Deadline: spring semester, Friday of the 13th week. 

8. Enrollement to “Thesis work II” course and basic information on internship 

Enrollment to “Thesis work II” course occurs simultaneously with the other subjects of the autumn semester. In order to complete the BSc studies, all students are requested to do a compulsory internship at a selected company (institution), dealing with the technologies related to mechanical engineering. After the 6th semester, students basically perform their assignments diring the internship, which can be independent from the BSc thesis, but in ideal case, the internship supposed to be related to the thesis work.

Documents required for internship:

  • Letter of reference about internship accomplishment (I-1 form);
  • Acceptance statement for internship (I-2 form);
  • Cooperation Agreement on internship (I-3 form; this document is not required if the internship is done at our faculty).

Deadline: fall semester, Friday of the 7th week.